This is the land of Janab Hasrat Mohani & Daroga Hasan Askari Saheb
There is also a very famous Dargah of Hazrat Qasim (a.s)
It is situated 30 KM away from Lucknow on Lucknow Malihabad Road

Dargah Hazraz Qasim (as) Mohan U.P

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Daroga Hasan Askari Mohani

Syed Hasnain Wasif also known as Nazar Askari Shayar-e-ahl-e-bait
Nazar Askari Mohani

Jahan Ara Manzil, Kothi Daroga Late Hasan Askari Saheb
"Azakhana" & Imam-bara Sajjadi Begum Mohan U.P

Daroga late Hasan Askari saheb was a brave & patriotic Indian person in the British period in Indian
police department. Jahan Ara Manzil was constructed by late Hasan Askari saheb as his residence on the
name of his only daughter Jahan Ara Begum wife of late Syed wasif Husain Principal,
Muslim Inter College Fatehpur U.P There is also a part of building "Azakhana" , well known as
Imam bara Sajjadi Begum on the name of his wife late Hasan Askari saheb Late S Hasan Wasif &
Late S Hasnain Wasif (Nazar Askari shair-e-Ahalebait) was the nephew of late Hasan Askari sahib.
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